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I have been developing my jewellery collection since 2006 when I completed my HND in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Allied Crafts at London Metropolitan University. My design inspiration comes from many different sources in the world around me. I am particularly interested in creating surface textures, (for example, the use of granulation), and contrasting finishes. I enjoy experimenting with different processes and, sometimes, experimentation leads naturally to the evolution of a design. I have a particular interest in working with mixed metals, especially silver and 18 carat gold. Subtle colour contrasts can be obtained through the fusion of these two metals. I sometimes include small gems as highlights. My work is available in several galleries and I also sell direct and at craft fairs. I am happy to discuss commissions. I have recently added lampworked hollow glass beads to my collection. All the beads are made individually by me, so no two beads are exactly the same. These large, hollow beads are challenging to make, but the fact that they are hollow and therefore lighter means they can be made bigger. I often add fine silver decoration to the surface of the beads and etch the surface to give a soft, tactile finish.
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