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My Danish grandmother taught me fair isle knitting when I was seven and later on how to make my own clothes. In 1979 I was accepted on a 2-year Foundation Course in Art & Design at Braintree College where I focused on knitwear design and three years later the college offered me a teaching job. During my 23 years there I taught Art & Design as well as Textiles to wide range of groups. A couple of years ago I taught myself how to felt, from books. I was hooked immediately on the simplicity of creating fabric from natural fibres dyed in a myriad of colours. A year later I discovered a book on needle felting in Braintree Library which inspired me to work in 3-D with more precision than I could achieve with traditional wet-felting. In the past I have designed and created knitwear so making feltclothing seemed like a natural progression. I am especiallyinterested in exploring the strength, versatility and comfort of natural fibres and often include silk for added lustre. In order to maintain the softness of the wool the felting process is kept to a minimum therefore some are garments are more delicate than others and care is needed to avoid snagging etc. I enjoy creating images in a more painterly fashion using tiny amounts of wool in different colours to build up a picture or portrait. The animals are mostly inspired by photos, many of them my own. No two pieces are alike.