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The textiles I use in my wallhangings are wools, plastic bags, raffia and material; these are woven into the canvas using rug-making techniques. Hooking, prodding and locker hooking. To this base is added wood; low relief carved, polished or painted. With these materials I create geological features - rock faces, open cast coal mines, chalk pits and the like. These can be anything from 2 foot in size up to 7 foot, although I would dearly love to work on a truly massive scale. As well as the larger scale pieces I also do smaller land and seascapes. They are more pictorial and have a maritime feel with beach huts, boats and breakwaters. I am a selected member of the Cambridge Drawing Society and the C21 contemporary design group. I open my studios every July as part of Cambridge Open Studios. My work can also be seen in the C21 shop in Mundesley, Norfolk