Nick & Katie Abbott
Lorraine Allan
Paula Armstrong
Tim Armstrong
Patience Beaumont
Valma Cheffins
Frank Cheffins
Clarissa Cochran
Alan Foxley
Anne Foxley
Jan Jeffreys
Liz Kemp
Gabor Lacko
Jill Leech
Carlyn Lindsay
Lise O'Mahoney
Norman Speller
Patricia Spero
Denis Woodley

The beautiful timber that goes into our furniture comes from locally grown English hardwoods, much of it from our own 25acre parcel of ancient woodland. We make traditional furniture in a mostly traditional way from material grown in a traditionally managed wood.

Our chairs and tables are made to fit you. That is why most of our customers come from East Anglia; they need to be able to visit us and choose the size and shape of chair or table that suits them. Comfort comes first: beauty seems inevitably to follow.

Help preserve traditional skills. Be bold, commission something you will treasure....
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